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Security In SAP Commerce Cloud


SAP Commerce Cloud is an essential resource for eCommerce businesses that desire to protect the personal information of their customers.


/ Solution Architect – Digital Gate
This powerful tool allows companies to sell their products and services online, reach new markets, and connect with customers more intentionally.

But with this power comes responsibility – responsibility to keep the platform secure.

Digital Gate’s Backoffice security feature allows our clients to secure their eCommerce storefronts by requiring users to log in with a username and password. This ensures that only authorized users can access the platform and helps to keep sensitive data safe.

The setup is quick, easy, and effortless on the part of our clients given this is already an add-on that comes with our service.

If you are responsible for an eCommerce platform, make sure you understand all of the security features available to you. By taking advantage of this internal add-on, you can help to keep your marketplace safe and secure.



Our solution

If an eCommerce website is not secure, it can put both the customer and the website at risk. Customers may not purchase on an unsecured site because they are worried about their personal information being stolen. If a website is hacked, it can lead to a loss of sales and customers.
We recommend that our clients have an SSL certificate for their eCommerce website. This will encrypt the connection between the customer and the website so that personal information is protected. Having an SSL certificate is also beneficial because it can help improve search engine rankings.
Another problem our clients face is not knowing how to set up security for their eCommerce platform. They may be worried about doing it wrong or making a mistake that could jeopardize the security of their website.
At Digital Gate, we offer a back office security feature that is quick and easy to set up. Our clients can simply log in with a username and password to secure their eCommerce platform. This helps to keep sensitive data safe and ensures that only authorized users can access the platform.
Some eCommerce platforms do not have adequate security measures in place, leaving them vulnerable to attack. This can result in loss of sales, customers, and reputation.
We recommend that our clients use SAP Commerce Cloud as their eCommerce platform. SAP Commerce Cloud has several security features built in to help protect them and their customers. Digital Gate specializes in helping our clients implement these essential security measures.


By taking advantage of these security features, you do not need an agency to implement coding to develop the necessary pages for a safe and secure eCommerce platform.
Keeping Personal Information Safe and Secure
Digital Gate can keep the personal information of your eCommerce customers safe and secure by encrypting the connection between the customer and your website.
Easy To Set Up
Our back office security feature is a simple setup. The username and password log-in feature ensures the confidentiality of your eCommerce platform. We have a ready-to-use add-on that allows us to manage the authorization of your app via the back office.
Protecting Businesses and Their Customers
From the loss of sales to a demolished reputation, not prioritizing the confidentiality of your customers can lead to a strong decrease in business success. By taking advantage of the security features available in SAP Commerce Cloud, businesses can help to protect their customers and themselves from significant loss and detrimental damage to their brand.
Ensuring That Only Authorized Users Can Access the Platform
We protect your eCommerce platform from unauthorized user entry by requiring a pre-approved login. This helps to keep sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Our expert team can offer professional support by helping your business utilize this add-on.

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